Each of Waveform’s music practice studios are different in terms of size and acoustics. All have QSC or Mackie PA cabinets, individual a/c, floor-to-ceiling bass traps, custom absorption/reflection, 2 mic stands, stools, WiFi, and mp3 adapters for the Mackie ProFX8 mixers.

As an option for $5 a session, each room can include a drum kit that is selected to match the acoustical objective of the studio. Typically drummers bring their own cymbals and kick pedal, but we have a Zildjian K cymbal and pedal pack for $5 per session if you want to reserve it for your rehearsal.

Similarly, as additional options to your studio rental, you can add on a microphone packages where 2 mics/xlr cables are $5 per session and 4 mics/xlrs are $10 per session.

  • band practice studios
  • band practice studios
  • band practice space

Scheduling a Session

All rehearsals are booked online.  To set up a "studio for the night" program, reschedule an appointment, or ask a question, email us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Gift certificates can be purchased via the online scheduler as well :)

Hours of Operation

Band practice spaces are open for reservations Monday through Friday from 6pm to 11pm on a "slot" basis (6-8pm or 8-11pm or 6-11pm), Saturdays from noon to 5pm (2+ hours), and Sundays from noon to 9pm (2+ hours).


8204 N Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78753
Building A

Driving:  From 183, go north approx. 1/4 mile and turn left into Waveform's parking lot which is directly across from Texaco.

  • band practice space

Music Practice Space Rates (per person it is cheap, like $3.76/hr on average)

*and that is BEFORE calculating the block discount

DurationBlock DiscountDrum Room3pc Studio4pc and 5pc Studios
1 Hour-$9.00$13.00$15.00
2 Hour-$7.50$13.00$15.00
3 Hour-$6.67$13.00$15.00
4 HourCheck out the weekend buy 3, get 1 free option!x$13.00$15.00
5 Hour20%x$10.40$12.00
Core Drum Kit Add-On$5 per session$5 per session
Cymbal/Pedal Package Add-On$5 per session$5 per session
Microphone Package Add-On1-2 Mics and Cables ($5 per session) : 2-4 Mics and Cables ($10 per session)1-2 Mics and Cables ($5 per session) : 2-4 Mics and Cables ($10 per session)

*Please note that Waveform is rooted in a respect for the craft. If you leave an abnormally dirty/messy studio (or in our parking lot) after your session has ended, you (the booking customer) will be charged a $25 fee. We work hard to give you our best and require a minimum level of respect for our business and other customers.

Studio for the Night

Cut the price per hour dramatically by choosing a set night of the week (or on a weekend) to practice and the studio of your choice is yours from 6pm to 11pm each of those nights. Payments are monthly and there is no recurring monthly commitment.

The practice rooms are priced at $160 for the 3pc studio and $180 for the 4pc or 5pc studio.

We can also make this program on the weekends if you would like a Saturday or Sunday option.

Drum Room Packages

We have killer drum room "packages" for drummers.  Purchase one of three different packages and reduce the rate.  When you buy a package, the rates range from $5 per hour all the way down to $2.92 per hour!

You can view the package options and prices in the Online Scheduler in the Packages section...

Discounted Band Practice Sessions!

We have special discounts for certain days...up to half off sometimes!

Look under the "Discounted Band Rehearsals" section in the online scheduler to book.  Pretty sweet deals!

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Band Rehearsal

Band Rehearsal

Practice like you are going to play! https://www.facebook.com/PlayByNumbers – check them out sometime! Photos with permission at Waveform Austin 4pc band rehearsal studio                                                                … Continue Reading

Bagpipe Action

Bagpipe Action

Each day at Waveform you never know what to expect, other than it most likely is good!  Gotta love bagpipes! Iphone recorded with permission at Waveform Austin 3pc band rehearsal studio         Continue Reading

Studio Ambiance

Studio Ambiance

Hopefully Waveform’s band practice spaces give you an ambiance to work with and feel more creative! Photos with permission at Waveform Austin                                         Continue Reading