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Add on a drum or mic package

At Waveform Austin you can choose to add on a core drum kit with hardware, a cymbal/pedal package, or microphones to your practice session for just five dollars a rehearsal (not per hour).

From a drums perspective, we spend about two hours a day tuning drums and take it pretty seriously…  (this is where we mention that messing with the tuning of our kits is a “party foul” and can open up the booking customer to extra charges for re-tuning.  Normal de-tuning from playing is expected, but if you feel like you need to adjust our drums to your preference…you are always welcome to bring your own kit as ours are only $5 per session and that doesn’t pay for re-tuning oddly tuned drums).

As a result, you can always expect to find a well tuned, beautifully resonant, and maintained drum kit when you choose the option to play one of our kits instead of hauling in your own.  We choose our drums to match the acoustical objective of each studio, use Aquarian SuperKick2’s on the bass, Evans G1’s on the snares, and either Evans EC2’s or Aquarian Studio X’s on the toms.

The 3pc studio has the option of adding on an all birch DW PDP Concept kit – 1or 2 up and 1 down on the toms.

The 4pc studio has the option of adding on a maple/poplar Gretsch Brooklyn kit – 1 up and 1 down on the toms.

The 5pc studio has the option of adding on a birch/maple/birch Ludwig Epic kit – 2 or 3 up and 2 down on the toms.

Each kit has three cymbal stands, high-hat stand, snare stand, protective cymbal sleeves, and a basic throne.

Typically drummers bring in their own cymbals and bass pedal, but if you need those, we have you covered with a Zildjian K cymbal and Gibralter kick pedal pack.  (ride, 16″ dark crash, 10″ splash, and 14″ hats)….this is where we say, please don’t be a heavy smasher on our cymbals…it is rehearsal and a respectable place with nice gear – please help keep it that way 🙂

You can see pictures of the drums on our Band Rehearsal Studios page in the image gallery.

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