Our photography studio rental is intentionally super-affordable and not because of a lack of quality - we just have a different business model.  In fact, we are routinely told by photographers, models, videographers, agencies, and casting companies that our studios are always clean, the equipment is great, and how they love what we are doing!

If you are looking for a professional and controlled photography space that brings out fun and energy in your subject, then take a look at our pricing, gallery, reviews, blog posts, and see how Waveform might be a great solution for you...

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Scheduling a Session

All photo evening and weekend hourly shoots are booked online.  To set up a weekday daytime session, time-share partnership, or ask a question, send us an email and we will get right back with you!

Gift certificates can be purchased via the online scheduler as well :)

Hours of Operation

The Photo Studio is open Monday through Friday from 6pm to 11pm on a "slot" basis (6-8pm or 8-11pm or 6-11pm), Saturdays noon to 5pm (any duration), and Sundays noon to 9pm (any duration).

If you want to schedule a half-day or full-day Mon-Fri between 8am-5pm just give us a call...


8204 N Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78753
Building A

Driving:  From 183, go north approx. 1/4 mile and turn left into Waveform's parking lot which is directly across from Texaco.

  • Half and Full Day Weekdays
  • Hourly Operations

Photography Studio Equipment List

  • Close in parking, greeting area, and great "store-front" for clients
  • Ceiling-mounted speakers receive pandora/mp3/phones
  • Half-day/Full day: 735sq.ft. space open - 35ft x 21ft
  • Nights/Weekends: 595sq.ft. space open - 35ft x 17ft
  • 15ft ceilings, WiFi, and fully air conditioned
  • Changing area, vanity, workstation, garment rack, and nice restroom
  • Professional garment steamer (hanging type)
  • 5 Paul C Buff Einstein 640 strobes w/ simple radio transmitter/receivers
  • 1 Paul C Buff Ring Flash w/ moon unit diffuser
  • 3 apple boxes (Full, Half, and Quarter)
  • 2 strip boxes (10"x36") with grids
  • 4 7" reflector light grids (10 to 40 degrees)
  • 1 blower fan for hair
  • 1 2ft small lighting stand
  • A variety of seating props, floor scenes, and backgrounds
  • 6ft table, clamps, sandbags, 6ft ladder
  • 1 35"x70" studio reflector (white and black)
  • 1 36" Interfit Octobox (w/ face)
  • 1 32"x40' Paul C Buff Softbox w/ grid
  • 1 64" Paul C Buff "Parabolic" umbrella (silver) with white diffuser
  • 2 43" Brolly Boxes
  • 1 5in1 reflector/scrim kit with stand and boom arm
  • 6 colors of seamless (white, black, charcoal, green, tulip, blue, and mocha)
  • 2 13ft heavy duty stands, 2 10ft C-stands with booms (2 on casters)
  • 2 accordion ceiling-mounted stands on tracks
  • 1 7" reflector, 1 8.5" high output reflector, 1 22" beauty dish w/ face
  • 2 4ft x 8ft foam core V-flats (white on one side, black on reverse)
  • 2 4ft x 8ft white tile boards for reflective floor

*There is a $15 per shoot (not per hour) equipment charge all sessions (except the $75 shoot). All the other equipment, including your first 4ft of seamless paper, comes with the basic studio rental. Should you need to dirty up more than 4ft of seamless paper (of any color), we charge you less than our cost ($5 for 4 additional feet). **note that the default white seamless is 7ft wide - if you are shooting more than one person and need the 9ft wide seamless, just ask :)

Paul C Buff Studio Strobe Specs

  • photo studio strobe specs

*We also offer coaching sessions as well as full-service photography shoots and post-processing.  If this is your first time in a studio and want some personalized help, give us a call and we can set up either a $50 1 hour coaching session at the time of your shoot -or for an increased fee, we can have a seasoned professional help you with all aspects of studio photography and post processing -or even do all the shooting/administration of your shoot with world-class results!

Photographer's Studio Rates

(Dirty/Damaged Seamless charge is $1.25/ft beyond the allotted 4ft per shoot)

DurationPhoto Studio (Evenings/Weekends)1/2 Day Weekday DaytimeFull Day Weekday Daytime
1 Hour$20/hr + $15 session fee : Total $35--
2 Hour$20/hr + $15 session fee : Total $55--
3 Hour$20/hr + $15 session fee : Total $75--
4 Hour$20/hr + $15 session fee : Total $95$100 (4 hour minimum)-
5+ Hour$20/hr + $15 session fee$25/hr (4 hour minimum)-
Full Day --$200 (8 hours)

*Please note that Waveform is rooted in a respect for the craft.  If you leave an abnormally dirty/messy studio (or in our parking lot) after your session has ended, you (the booking customer) will be charged a $25 fee.  We work hard to give you our best and require a minimum level of respect for our business and other customers.


Other studios charge $75 an hour, we give you an entire shoot for $75!

On any weeknight, we will block off the photo studio for you from 6pm to 11pm so that you can come in when you want and leave when you want all for $75!

note: Extra charges for dirtying seamless more than the allotted 4ft...but only $1.25 a foot and below our cost :)

Time-Share Partnership

For $300/month, become a time-share partner as a great alternative to paying for your own studio.  You get 40 hours of exclusive use of the entire 2500 sq.ft. Waveform facility during the weekdays from 7am-5pm.  

Additionally, you receive 25% off of hourly reservations on nights and weekends.  It is limited to four partners of non-musical nature -as there are no music services during weekday business hours.

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Commercial Fashion Photography

Commercial Fashion Photography

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Product Photography

Product Photography

One of the images for http://legionfirearms.com/  that came out of the photography studio. Photo credit:  Cynthia Rosas On-scene photo with permission at Waveform Austin photography studio                             Continue Reading

Daytime Video Shoot

Daytime Video Shoot

As an example of what takes place at Waveform during the weekday daytimes, other than time-share partner shoots and casting calls, lots of video shooting happens.  A large amount of the recent shoots are kick-starter videos, but this one happened to be a few YouTube videos for an upcoming conference in Las Vegas. She brought… Continue Reading