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Providing a secure environment

Update as of 9/1/14:

Through consultation with legal council, we have positioned our security cameras in ways that do not capture any area of the photo studio as we are now able to mitigate most of our own liability through legal documentation and multiple agreements that are signed at the beginning of each session by all booking customers and anyone having their photo taken in our facility.

Depending on how one views things, this is a degradation of the secure environment and protections of the model and/or photographer, which is a bad thing as if an incident occurs inside the photography studio, the model/photographer has no supporting evidence as to the truth of what happened.

On the other hand, some models/photographers would find that as a positive or benefit…there was never a monolithic view on which way was “better”.

In either case, the security system cameras at Waveform are now positioned in such a way that no areas of the photography studio (and any other studio) are in view.  Having said this, when you (as a model or photographer) shoot at Waveform, it is required that you sign certain agreements that you are aware of the private space afforded to you and hold harmless and waive any future claims against Waveform Austin.

We will amend this policy statement and all five other methods of communicating our policies (including appointment confirmation emails, signage, etc) if our policies with respect to this subject change, but as of 9/1/14, our security system cameras do not have the capability to view any area of the photography studio.

For your reference, we have left our original post and policy statement here for you to view and consider:


From time to time a particular issue arises in conversation regarding our security system and the fact that there is a video component to the system. We would like to address this issue more fully in this post.

Our hope is that any photographer or model will be put at ease and realize that your privacy is never compromised.  We are all part of the same community and want to be the best for each other…it is at the core of what Waveform is all about. We know some people just don’t want any camera present anywhere, but hopefully after reading the facts about the system, you are satisfied and glad we do what we do and how we do it.

For both models and photographers, having a basic level of security when operating a closed photo studio is a good thing. For those who initially think “creepy”, please try to think of how a public rental studio is professionally managed, what controls are in place, and why it is a benefit to you.

Four distinct and effective controls fully ensure your privacy. The cameras in the facility do not cover every area (especially the changing area, bathrooms, etc.), they are not viewed or monitored unless a security/safety event happens, never is it broadcast, and the system is not accessible in any way by staff personnel.  Waveform is a public studio and as such, appropriate steps are taken to mitigate risks and ensure safety. To not do so would be negligent and unprofessional.

Food for thought: In a private setting, all parties are at risk of litigation or harm if one party wishes to take advantage of another. A situation like this requires some basic precautions. We do not offer a “hotel room” or a private residence studio…we offer a clean, professional, safe studio that values your privacy and takes it very seriously.

In addition to the controls we have in place, we legally and in writing commit to each customer in our terms of use agreement that we will ensure your privacy through these concrete and fail-safe controls.

Further notification of the security system is in the form of an email that goes out two times for every reservation to the booking customer, it is in our terms of use agreement that each booking customer agrees to before a reservation is booked, every model signs an agreement at the beginning of a shoot notifying them of the system, there are signs in the studio, and there are signs on the front windows. We certainly are not hiding anything…nor are we the only public studio to have such a system.

We hope that after reading our response, you will see that we are on your side and there is ZERO risk for your privacy to be compromised.  We have facilitated over a thousand shoots without incident and have a sterling record of integrity that we have worked very hard to establish and are proud to offer such a service.

For further consideration with respect to models and how they do not share a monolithic viewpoint, we have posted a response from a Model Mayhem moderator for your consideration on this matter. You can see it here:


We are happy to discuss our security system, the legality of it, our internal controls, and how it helps you as a model/photographer – just give us a ring!

We hope you can appreciate our efforts to provide a safe and private facility – that is one benefit of a professional studio rental. Not to mention that we only charge 50% to 66% less than every other studio in town…that is a huge deal and something we thought was pretty cool and are proud to bring such a resource to you. We hope you can respect how we run our shop as it is done for all the right reasons.

If for some reason, you are not comfortable with these controls and our steps to ensure your privacy, please contact us and we can make arrangements for a bonded security person to be hired for your shoot.  Alternatively, if you carry an insurance policy that can be amended to cover the relevant risks associated with your shoot to include any liability Waveform Austin bears, either of these solutions would enable us to disable our system.

Of course, we just want what you want, to be happy and have a great shoot!

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