All of the equipment below and in the image gallery comes with any session and is included in the price of the studio rental. You are more than welcome to bring your own props and equipment as well.


  1. We carry 7ft wide rolls of seamless paper (except for white, we carry 9ft wide rolls as well for shoots with 2+ people in the same shot or a larger product). If you need a certain color in 9ft wide, you are more than welcome to bring your own and use our rigging. You can see the exact colors of what we carry in the photo gallery on the photo studio page. For each shoot, the first 4 feet that is dirtied up is given to you as part of the studio rental. Any seamless paper that is dirtied up (consumed) beyond the initial 4 feet is charged to you at $5 per 4 feet (which is less than cost). If no seamless is dirtied up, we do not consider it consumed and there is no charge.

  2. We do not have proper video lights, only flash strobe units.

  • Half-day/Full day: 735 sq. feet of open space - 35ft x 21ft

  • Nights/Weekends: 595 sq. feet of open space - 35ft x 17ft

  • 15ft ceilings, WiFi, and fully air conditioned, changing area, vanity, auxiliary desk, rolling laptop/accessory cart, garment rack, professional garment steamer, separate restroom, and ceiling-mounted speakers receive pandora

  • 5 Paul C Buff Einstein 640 strobes w/ simple radio transmitter/receivers

  • 1 Paul C Buff Ring Flash w/ moon unit diffuser

  • 2 strip boxes (10"x36") with grids

  • 4 7" reflector light grids (10 to 40 degrees)

  • 2 7" reflectors and 1 8.5" high output reflector

  • 1 22" beauty dish w/ diffuser

  • 1 35"x70" studio reflector (white and black)

  • 1 36" Interfit Octobox (w/ face)

  • 1 32"x40' Paul C Buff Softbox w/ grid

  • 1 64" Paul C Buff "Parabolic" umbrella (silver) with white diffuser

  • 2 43" Brolly Boxes

  • 1 5in1 reflector/scrim kit with stand and boom arm

  • 3 apple boxes (Full, Half, and Quarter)

  • 2 different blower fans for hair

  • 1 2ft small lighting stand

  • 2 13ft heavy duty stands

  • 2 13ft light duty stands with crossbar

  • 1 10ft C-stand

  • A variety of seating props and backgrounds (see photo gallery)

  • 6 colors of seamless (white, black, charcoal, green, tulip, blue, and mocha)

  • Misc clamps, sandbags, and 1 6ft ladder

  • 2 4ft x 8ft foam core V-flats (white on one side, black on reverse)

  • 2 4ft x 8ft white tile boards for reflective floor

  • 2 utility tables (3ftx4ft)

  • 12 plastic foldable chairs